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New Russian Missile Attacks Against Civilians Demand a Response from the US and the World

October 10, 2022

On October 10, 2022, Russia launched a series of missile attacks across the territory of Ukraine. These attacks occurred during the busiest time of the day, as people traveled to work and took their children to school. They deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure, including university buildings, a church, an opera house, and a busy children’s playground. At the time of this writing, 11 people have been killed and 87 others have been wounded.

There is no military justification whatsoever for these strikes, which serve as nothing but further evidence that Russia cannot win militarily in Ukraine. All Russia is capable of is senselessly slaughtering Ukrainian civilians with missles fired from afar, even in cities that it recently claimed to have “annexed” in sham referendums and declared as its own.

The Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan (the CRC) condemns these attacks in the strongest terms. Since the very beginning of this horrible war we have called for Ukraine’s skies to be made safe. Today we have seen once again the terrible wages of inaction in this domain. We therefore call upon the US government and the international community to increase its military support for Ukraine and to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. In particular we call for the immediate provision of air defense weapons that will help Ukraine to close its skies to Russian weapons of war.

Not one more child must die because Russia has once again resorted to killing innocent Ukrainian civilians who want nothing more than the freedom to go about their lives in peace and safety.


The Government Advocacy and Outreach Committee

Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan

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