What can I do to help?

Are you unsure about what you can do to help Ukraine and Ukrainians?
Here are some immediate actions you can take:



We're working with Ukraine TrustChain to host a walk-a-thon to help rebuild a school in Chernihiv, Ukraine. The main event is at beautiful Belle Isle State Park in Detroit at 1 PM on October 16, but if you can't make it you can have your own event from October 15 to 23.


Your registration dollars get you a ticket, a T-shirt, and the satisfaction that you are making a difference on this planet, for kids trying to go to school in a war zone.


And if you think your teacher or your boss or your students or your friends or your neighbors or your mom or dad or dog or cat might want to join us, please share the event with them and sign up together!

Let the School Bells Ring! Peace to Ukraine! And Peace to Ukrainians!

Register here!


The Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan is partnering with Ukraine TrustChain, a registered 501c(3) that is helping repair schools in Chernihiv that were damaged during the Russian invasion. 27 out of the 34 schools in Chernihiv were damaged during the bombardment, some severely.

But the Angels of Freedom, a Ukrainian volunteer organization, in conjunction with the Department of Education in Chernihiv, has chosen five schools that can be restored relatively easily: 

• School #35, 1733 students, 42A Nezalezhnosti St.

• School #34, 1003 students, 27 Tekstylnykiv St.

• School #28, 1000 students, 207A Myru Ave

• School #24, 653 students, 148 Tolstogo St.

• School #6, 667 students, 35 Mazepy St.

Particular focus will be placed on repairing windows and roofs, to provide a safe, warm, and dry space for children to go to school.


These schools are located in different districts of the city, which will allow them to service a large proportion of the students who will be returning to school in the 2022-2023 school year.


YOU CAN HELP! Children are Ukraine’s future, and you can make a real difference for students in Ukraine! Please help raise money to “Adopt a School” in Chernihiv!



The Crisis Response Committee is a grassroots, informal association of organizations and individuals, formed in order to respond to the escalating crisis facing Ukraine. We are Ukrainian-Americans who care deeply about U.S. interests in the region, which include a commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.