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Re: Nina Kraviz's Instagram statement

Ukrainians of Metro Detroit are asking DJ Nina Kraviz to renounce her support of Vladimir Putin and #StandWithUkraine. Movement Festival is welcoming Nina Kraviz to perform in Detroit despite her past pro-Putin views and lack of denunciation of the war.

Metro Detroit is home to nearly 50,000 Ukrainians, many of whom have been directly impacted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Below is a message metro Detroit Ukrainians have for Ms. Kraviz, and we hope to garner support of other Ukrainians, concerned neighbors, and other members of the global community who are against the horrors inflicted upon Ukrainians daily.

On May 17, Nina Kraviz posted a statement to Instagram that touched briefly and indirectly on the unprovoked Russian war in Ukraine. This statement does not explicitly reject Putin or condemn Russia's war.

May 17, 2022

Kraviz’s statement fails to address what have clearly been her pro-Putin attitudes. Her refusal to acknowledge that Russia has launched an unprovoked war against Ukraine and her characterization of the Russian invasion as “her country’s relations with Ukraine” is unsatisfactory. This is the same doublespeak used by Russian state representatives like Dmitri Peskov to attempt to justify this war. Kraviz avoids engaging with these issues by claiming that she does not engage in politics—however, this is not a matter of politics, but a matter of justice.


In light of Kraviz’s continued obfuscation, our request for Movement Detroit and the City of Detroit to re-evaluate welcoming her to the City stands.

Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan

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